Model: 7772-HS-AIR

This is the 2009 model unit w/ pneumatic down-pressure. Notice the deflection shield. It redirects the soil, ejected by the rear coulter, into the "Swirl" finishing tool.
A convenient hose routing, at the top of the parallel linkage, keeps your fertilizer lines organized.

NEW FEATURE: Crumbler Option

The Pluribus now has a crumbler wheel assebly as a finishing tool.

Soil is kept inside the strip with the


The Pluribus Strip-Till unit now has a
slim-shank mole knife adapter kit.

With this kit you remove your tillage coulter castings and install the knife and closer assembly. Your existing gauge wheels will double as a gathering closer.

You can adjust depth with the small, orange-handled hitch pin. This pin also functions as a shear bolt.

This assembly is recommended for fall use only.


This dry fertilizer tube will fit 2.5 in. hoses and blends dry product throughout the soil profile. This tube is for high output commodity carts and can accomodate several hundred pounds of product. It mounts on the opposite side of the row which aids in more thoroughly incorporating high rates of dry product.

Part No. 300349_R3

Below are the side banding dry fertilizer tubes. These tubes run in the slots created by the two primary tillage coulters and are a good option if you apply high rates of dry urea.

Part Nos. 200910RH




This is a detail of the Pluribus "banding" liquid fertilizer tube. This setup is commonly used to band liquid in approximately a 4 x 4 placement relative to the center of the row. It is available for both the left and right hand side coulters. It cannot be used in conjunction with the NH3 tube.

Part No. 300348




Here is a detail of the Pluribus "incorporating" liquid injection tube. For 1/2 in. lines. This tubes,center mounted, placement allows the unit to thoroughly incorporate liquid into the profile of the soil, similar to it's treatment of dry fertilizer.

Part No. 300350



This photo is a closeup of the air bag down-pressure system, compactly mounted at the rear of the parallel linkage. It can generate from 0 to 600 lbs. of downforce. All pivot points on the Dawn Pluribus strip-till unit have replaceable synthetic bushings so there is never metal on metal wear. Use with a dedicated air system, or it may also be fitted with a standard Schrader valve for use with any portable air compressor.



Perhaps the most innovative strip-till closing system available, the swirl provides unparalled performance in the field. In addition to being a finishing tillage tool, the swirl also contributes to the thorough mixing of fertilizer into the profile of the strip. Soil is gathered in mid-air and directed up and in, forming a 1.5" to 2" parabolic berm.



As an alternative to our standard Trashweels configuration, you may want to consider our trailing-arm, floating Trashweels with adjustable air down pressure.

This current configuration is a functional system, however, we continue to explore a varitey of trailing-arm, floating Trashwheel configurations and we would be happy to discuss alternative adjustment methods if you are interested.

Dawn Pluribus South Eastern Iowa
This field shot was taken in South Eastern Iowa, near Iowa City. This customer applies P&K blended throughout the strip. Their program is all done in the spring, an hour or two ahead of the planters. This single 16 row machine can slightly outpace two 16 row John Deere planters. In many areas it is only important that the soil "grey-off" to prevent moist soil from building on the gauge wheels of the planter.

Dawn Pluribus Northern Alabama
This shot was taken in northern Alabama, near Moulton. This customer is running the strip-till unit into green henbit, a common ground cover in the south. This customer also applies granular fertilizer to the strip as they till. The Pluribus unit can run fairly well in a number of green covers. Avoid extremely dense, and wet green covers.

Dawn Pluribus Northern Arkansas
As an alternative to yearly bed building, some flood irrigators use the Pluribus to freshen up the bed and place some fertilizer. This customer is running a 12 row unit into raised beds in North Eastern Arkansas, near Marianna. This technique can free up a lot of time and inputs that would otherwise go into bed building.

Dawn Pluribus Germany
This customer is placing manure slurry using the Pluribus unit. The Pluribus unit can generally incorporate around 3000 gal/ac depending on the conditions. This customer is in Germany. If you are looking to place larger amounts of manure, please also consider taking a look at the model 6000 fertilizer opener. The model 6000 can put down considerably more manure than the Pluribus.