The Pluribus V features Rfx+ row-by-row, automated hydraulic down-force. The system utilizes a strain gauge sensor paired with our new easy screw-adjust depth control. The 3333 will maintain accurate down pressure for any change in soil conditions.
A simple acme screw adjust system lets you quickly, and easily set depth on walking tandem gauge wheels. A load cell is located in the stop on the tandem, and gives feedback to the microcontroller that is regulating the hydraulic suspension system. A bracket runs up from the stop to support the load cell cable, and it doubles as a depth indicator by pointing to the yellow graduations marked out on the depth adjustment mount.
Row crop residue varies as you move through the field. The Pluribus V gives you complete, immediate in-cab control over your integral GFX hydraulic, floating row cleaners. A simple dial controls the GFX cylinders, and allows you to keep moving while making row cleaner adjustments.
The standard gauge wheel on the Pluribus V is a heavy-duty rubber wheel and hub. The gauge wheel is equipped with the Dawn Swirl finishing tool. Alternating steel and plastic tines aggressively chop at the soil as it leaves the central coulters. It further crumbles clods, and leaves a 1.5"-2" berm about 8"-10" wide as a seed-bed.
Alternative to the standard wheels, we offer a toothed wheel with lateral pulverizers. It chips away at side wall compaction, similar to the Dawn Curvetine, and breaks down clods.
Here, the right two rows have the metal basket wheel and the left rows have the rubber wheels with the swirls. The metal basket wheels have teeth that scarf the edge of the strip where the tilled area meets the untilled area. The metal wheels tend to be more effective at breaking up clods in very heavy clay soil types
Detail view of the liquid fertilizer tubes that can be added to one or both sides of the row. These tubes will produce an approximate 3 x 3 placement relative to the center of the row
A 12 row mounted toolbar, with 6 ton fertilizer cart, is the most commonly sold configuration. The entire system can be assembled for a relatively low cost, making it a popular option.
The Pluribus V excels in heavy cover crops. The high level of soil disturbance will create a wide clear path in tough living plants and residue.