The Most Advanced Hydraulic Downforce Control System Available Today

The Reflex hydraulic actuator is a unique one-piece cast iron design. It is is bidirectional and has accumulators connected to both the down pressure and uplift sides of the circuit. These absorb energy when you hit a rock and allow the system to be very stable hydraulically, so the vibration is lessened and the lifespan of the row unit is greater.

It has two very simple and reliable valves. One opens to increase pressure and one opens to decrease the pressure. They are poppet valves and are very resistant to contamination problems and do not stick.


Precise Pressure and Diagnostic Feedback

An integral pressure sensor gives precise knowledge of applied pressure, and diagnostic feedback.


Reflex 3 Controller

The controller has built-in connectivity for the Dawn Active Depth Control (ADC) and Active Closing System (ACS) or other Dawn FX accesories. Each sensor or actuator is connected with a common M12 style circular connector. This reduces confusion with complicated wiring harnesses, and allows for common parts to be used on all connected auxiliaries.


Integrated Automatic Wing Weight Downforce

When using the Reflex system with FurrowTechnik you have the option to automatically control a wing weight transfer system. The software uses the down force sensor information to determine in real time if pressure needs to be increased or decreased on the WWT control.

Automated Uplift Control

The Reflex system will function optimally within a pressure range that is a multiple of the gas pressure in the system. FurrowTechnik features the IAS, or Intelligent Automation System. The way this works is as follows- say you are in very hard soil and the planter is approaching a very soft spot in the field. The system will rapidly decrease the pressure in the down pressure side of the cylinder.

But imagine that the soil is so soft that the weight of the row unit is enough to achieve the gauge wheel load setting. The IAS has an upper pressure limit and a lower pressure limit in the settings. As the pressure is decreasing and passes over the lower pressure threshold the system will increase the uplift pressure by one increment. It does the opposite when transitioning from very soft to very hard soil. And it runs this loop every half second, constantly adjusting the uplift to force the system to run in the optimum pressure range.

Black Dawn One

Control with FurrowTechnik

Dawn Reflex control and mapping will run through a single wifi based user interface, Dawn FurrowTechnik. This is the first system in the industry to give you total visibility of all planter adjustments. You can view them in real-time in a row-by-row graph, or view various layers of data using the FurrowTechnik mapping functions. You may also transfer the data log files to your farm management software for later analysis.

Modular & Expandable

You might start with the standard row unit down pressure system and add depth control and closing wheel control later.

Additional row-by-row control manifolds stack on either side of the main cylinder. All electronic controls for Dawn automated auxiliaries are included in the row unit controller and may be enabled at any time.


All Hydraulic Down Force Systems are not Created Equal

Hydraulic down pressure can be complicated and not all systems are the same just because they are hydraulic. The Reflex uses a digital control system that is fundamentally different than other systems. If you really want to nerd out watch this long video where we compare the deep technical aspects of Reflex and competitive systems.

Ride Quality Sensor

New for 2022 Dawn has introduced a ride quality sensor to measure the roughness of your field. Mounts to your rows and integrates directly into FurrowTechnik. Provides feedback during use to tell you if it might be a good idea to slow down.
Requires new row controllers with a ride quality sensor input.
Part number: 400384


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