Quick and Easy Adjustment

The simple, yet dependable design of the GFX row cleaner gives you unparalleled control over your row cleaning.


Simple Designs

The GFX is a floating arm row cleaner that allows you to control how hard it is pushing on the ground. It has hydraulic down pressure and spring uplift. So when you remove the pressure the unit lifts itself out of the ground

Trailing-Arm Design

The trailing-arm design takes the pressure off your planter row unit. The GFX mounts to the toolbar, not to the planter row unit.

Row unit mounted row cleaners affect the planter row unit's down-pressure. This may lead to uneven seed depth, and emergence


Simple Electro-Hydraulic Control System

System pressure is set and regulated with a simple electro-hydraulic control system. The Electric control module RAM mounts in your tractor cab. A single dial regulates the pressure in the system. The maximum setting give a little over 100lbs of down force to each individual row cleaner. If there is zero system pressure, the Trashwheels retract from the ground.

Control with FurrowTechnik

If you have the Reflex down pressure system the GFX can be integrated into the FurrowTechnik control system. This is advantageous because the two systems will be supplied with a single set of hoses. It also allows the user to utilize presets that will appear on the home screen. The presets allow you to quicly move back and forth between predefined settings with the push of a single button

Industry Leading Warranty

Dawn Equipment offers an industry leading 5 year warranty on our GFX Hydraulic cylinders. Dawn Equipment specifically warranties the cylinder for any sort of pre-mature leaking or damage that comes from a seal failure.


Outfit your GFX Row Cleaners with the DAWN ScissorWheel

As with all Dawn row cleaners the Dawn Scissorwheel is drop-forged and has a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

The slightly concave ScissorWheel is perfect for maximum disturbance row cleaning. If you have very high residue levels, or need to move some soil to get to moisture, this wheel may be your best option

Stackable Control Valve

In some areas you will likely want a little more control over different planter sections. Particularly if you have an ultra-wide planter, and hilly terrain, it can be beneficial to control different planter sections independantly.

With our simple stackable control valve assemblies it is simple to run your wings and center sections on independent hydraulic circuits

Depth Control

The majority of GFX users will buy the system with the depth gauging bands installed on the row cleaner wheels. But one of the beautiful things about the GFX is that they aren't strictly necessary. The spring that counter balances the weight of the row cleaner, combined with the trailing arm design, allow the GFX to be run with just the wheels.

This can be very advantageous in many No-Till conditions where the thickness of the mat of reside in the field is deeper than the distance from the depth band edge to the tooth of the wheel. In these situations even if you are pushing very hard on the ground the depth band can prevent it from getting in deep enough to move the residue.


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GFX Hydraulic


Features a hydraulic cylinder to control pressure on the trashwheels.


GFX Hydraulic


Features a hydraulic cylinder to control pressure on the trashwheels.

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GFX Hydraulic


updated: 2021

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