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The simple screw-adjust mechanism allows you to fine tune your row cleaning. Dawn Floating Trashwheels can be equipped with polycarbonate depth bands. The 4010 measures around 18" from the face plate of the row unit, making it short enough to fit behind a frame mounted single disk fertilizer opener.

Floating Row Cleaner


These two photos show the 12.75" with and without depth bands. If you will be using the row cleaner primarily to plant into heavy corn stalks, depth bands may hinder the wheels ability to thoroughly sweep away the residue. Particularly when no-tilling into 200+ bushel corn trash you may want to run without the depth bands. Remember that 14" Trashwheels may fit on your planter, and could be a more appropriate wheel depending on your location, and field conditions

Floating Trashwheels

If you will be using your planter primarily to plant into bean stubble, Floating Trashwheels equipped with depth bands generally work very well. Depth bands are used most often if you will be working your ground. In most cases, however, especially if your ground is flat or rolling hills, you may want to look at a rigid row cleaner, that hugs tight to the V-opener blade like our standard Dawn Trashwheels

Floating Row Cleaner
floating Row Cleaner

Bayonet Stripper (Optional)

Part No. 102593 (Right) and 102594 (Left)

Opitional Bayonet Stripper prevents trash from wrapping around wheel when running no-till into wheat stubble.

Dawn 12.75 Trashwheel

Dawn 12.75" Trashwheel

The 12.75" Trashwheel Row Cleaner has a swept-back tooth. It works very well in a wide variety of tillage conditions. This wheel is ideal for running in conventionally tilled ground, where it allows residue and clods to slough off as the teeth exit the ground. It also prevents wrapping when running no-till into wheat stubble. The John Deere 1770NT, 1780, 1790, DeereBauer, and White 8000 series planters have limited clearance for planter attachments. For these planters you will likely use the 12.75" wheel. All 4010 Floating Row Cleaner wheels can be equipped with our optional polycarbonate depth bands. The 4010 series row cleaners will not fit Case planters.

Dawn 14 Trashwheel

Dawn 14" Trashwheel

This is the orginal Dawn Drop-Forged Alloy Steel Trashwheel. The 14" Trashwheel Row Cleaner is designed to aggressively bite into trash, and is commonly used in a no-till or min-till environment. It is a very common practice to equip depth bands. If you cover a wide variety of different field conditions, most likely you will want depth bands. For the same reasons mentioned above, you will not be able to run Dawn 4010's with 14" wheels on the JD 1760NT, 1770NT, 1780, 1790, or White 8000 series planters. There are no 4010 Floating Row Cleaner options for Case planters.

4010 Floating Trashwheel

Here is an example of a 4010 Floating Trashwheel running into cornstalks. These are 14" Tashwheels. This ground has been lightly worked so this customer elects to use the depth bands.

Floating Row Cleaner

Reduce Downtime

Floating Trashwheels can reduce some down time due to adjustments, but they are not always the right fit for every program. If you are not certain which way to go, please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to help you through the selection process.

Customized Spacings

Here is an example of how tight things can get underneath. This customer is in the Ukrane. Spatial constraints force this customer to run basic coulters on four rows, and as you can see, even the coulters are a pretty tight fit.

Floating Row Cleaner
Floating Row Cleaner

Tight Geometry

Here is another example of adapting to a tight geometry. This customer is using three spacer plates behind the mounting plate of the row cleaner to fit up to this John Deere planter.

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Floating Row Cleaner


Features Rfx+ row-by-row, automated hydraulic down-force strip tillage unit


Floating Row Cleaner


Features Rfx+ row-by-row, automated hydraulic down-force strip tillage unit

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