The M-Series allows you to cater to the demands of local field conditions. Quickly change from our proven curved tooth in minimally tilled ground, to heavy-duty rubber in conventionally tilled ground



• Promotes seed to soil contact and uniform emergence
• Eliminate side wall compaction
• Modular to adjust for soil type and/or changing tillage practices
• Curvetine® is forged to last for many years of service
• The Curvetine tooth is wide like a rubber wheel to produce seed to soil contact but the intermittent contact of the teeth chips in the sidewall

M-Series Modular Hub

400156 RH or LH


Like the original Curvetine Closing Wheel, and Dawn Trashwheel Row Cleaners, the M-Series hub rolls on American made Timken™ tapered roller bearings.

The hub is regreasable (no disassembly required) using our ruggedized aluminum, o-ring sealed Supercap. The M-Series hub greatly reduces down-time and part replacement due to its drop-forged construction, and bolts directly onto most OEM v-style tailpieces with minimal installation time.

The majority of the cost of the M-Series wheels is in the hubs, not the wheels, which allows them to be changed back and forth for a reasonable cost.

M-Series Planter Configurations

There are four M-Series Wheels for use with the heavy-duty M-series Hub. Here are a few of the typical configurations.


Two Curvetines

Curvetine™ 1202

The Curvetine™ M-Series Closing System has unique curved teeth to chip-in side wall compaction without ejecting soil from the seed zone.

Unlike straight tooth wheels, the curved tooth eases out of the seed zone while providing consistent seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence.

We do not recommend running drag-chains or seed firmers with the Curvetine closing wheel, the wheel creates an ideal seed-bed in most conditions without any additional equipment.


One Curvetine, One Rubber

Curvetine™ 1202 & FurrowFlex 1203

For customers who will be running in mellow, or heavily worked ground the Curvetine™ may be used with either your standard rubber closer, or if your planter is equipped with two M-Series hubs, you can swap out your Curvetine for the FurrowFlex steel rimmed rubber wheel.

Typically we recommend you run the Curvetine in the front bolt-hole and the rubber wheel in the rear bolt-hole of the tail piece.


Rubber Closing Wheel

FurrowFlex 1203

The FurrowFlex rubber wheel for the M-Series modular hub system combines a heavy duty metal rim with a very flexible rubber tire.

The custom designed rubber profile is flexible to deform and shed sticky soil. It is constructed from the highest quality rubber compounds available.

This tire/wheel is also a good combination for growers who want to use a rubber wheel but are looking for a heavier duty bearing and hub than the OEM product.


Two Gaugetines

Gaugetine 1204

The model 1204 Gaugetine combines the crumbling action of the Curvetine with a depth gauging shoulder.

This wheel will be used in shallow planting situations where the shoulder limits how deep the wheel can penetrate the ground. This wheel is a good fit in heavier ground, conventional tillage or shallow seed depths such as cotton.


Cast Iron Closing Wheel

Iron-M 1205

Occasionally your operation may benefit from the use of a cast iron closing wheel.

Dawn now offers a slightly lighter cast iron closer equivalent to the John Deere cast iron closer that you can bolt to your M-Series hub.

The weight difference allows you to use more range on your tailpiece down force spring. It is much easier to add spring weight, than to take wheel weight away.


1/2 Rate Down-Pressure Spring for your Planter Tailpiece!

If you like the action of two Curvetines, but have difficulty setting the spring rate to a light enough setting, we strongly recommend our half-rate spring.

This spring will allow you to use the full range of settings on your tail-piece. It also makes it possible to run two Curvetines per row in a much wider range of conditions.

*For all new White and 9000 series planters, we recommend the half rate spring.


M-Series Drill Configurations

There are four M-Series Wheels for use with the heavy-duty M-series Hub. Here are a few of the typical configurations.


Closing Wheel

Gaugetine 1230

The model 1230 Gaugetine is intended for applications on single disk drills to eliminate side wall compaction.

For use on John Deere **60 and **90 series drill units with bearings in the arm.


Closing Wheel

Gaugetine 1240

Gaugetine closing wheel for John Deere Drills with bearings in the closing wheel (i.e. 50 series)


Closing Wheel

Gaugetine 1245

Gaugetine closing wheel for Case SDX drills

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M-Series Closing Wheels

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