Control seed depth on-the-go with the ADC Active Depth Control System.

What can the DAWN ADC system do for you?

• Change your seed depth as often as needed! You can make on-the-go changes to run shallow in your low wet ground, or run deeper in higher dry hills. Depth control can also be a prescription driven, based on soil type and moisture level. The controller reports back to your monitor, and confirms each row is set correctly.

• Know your depth in inches, not in notches. 3 and 3, 4 and 4? What does that actually mean? The ADC system gives a true measure of furrow depth. When calibrated 2 inches means 2 inches, no ambiguity.

• Make adjustments in as low as 1/16" increments. It provides an opportunity to easily experiment with different seed depths, and then correlate the results with yield maps after harvest.

• Most planting systems use gauge wheel down force as a proxy for seed depth. This is not an accurate representation. The Reflex ADC system will log the data for a shallow planting condition as the actual seed depth value not just a reduction in down pressure. This system creates a fluid coupling between the gauge wheels and the planter shank.




An inductive distance sensor gives the system position information on the calibrated depth of the seed.

A small hydraulic cylinder holds the depth control mechanism in position. Make adjsutments from an in-cab interface, and map the seed depth data on your iPad.





A valuable tool for farm management.

If you plant a field for someone else you can present to them a true map of the actual as planted depth. For custom farming operations this limits risk by creating a trail of data logging exactly how the field was planted.