Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

This unit features a heavy duty, drop-forged parallel linkage, equipped with pneumatic down force. The injector tine, and gauge / closing wheel assembly are easily adjustable. The unit is mounts to a pivoting plate, that allows the tool to follow field contours without gouging.

Side View of the Liquid Fertilizer Applicator highlighting components.

The pivoting connector plate and the connector for the coulter and gauge wheel are shown here in green. The medium size linkage is highlighted in blue, and the coulter and injector / closer assembly are highlighted in orange.
FreeFARM Liquid Fertilizer Applicator, Handedness



All Dawn modular tools have mirror opposite assemblies. You should install your units so that half have the linkage on the right and half on the left. Inherent asymmetries in the linkage and support structure could cause the toolbar to drift if all units are the same hand.

If the parallel linkage and support are to the right of the centerline, it is a right hand unit, vice versa for the left. Always determine handedness standing in the operators position facing the direction of travel.



Fertilizer Depth

To set the depth on the unit, use the screw-adjust mechanism to adjust the distance between the bottom of the coulter blade and the bottom of the gauge wheel. Then adjust pressure in the airbag until the unit runs at depth, without leaving a significant depression from the rubber wheel.

The applicator can run at a maximum of approx. 5 in. deep. You can also adjust the relative distance between the injector tine and the gauge wheel, by bolting into one of three holes on the closer arm.

Coulter Angle of Attack

Another important adjustment to note is toolbar pitch. Even small changes to toolbar levelness can have a significant impact on the action of the coulter. Above you can see how tipping the toolbar forward has the effect of dropping the nose, and increasing the relative angle of attack (α). Similarly, tipping the toolbar backward decreases the relative angle of attack (β).

Under most conditions, you will run the toolbar level, however a hydraulic top link can make toolbar pitch adjustments very easy, and slight changes in pitch can make a huge difference in the field.
Here is a close-up of the tine and closer assembly. These particular applicators are equipped with 18" 13-Wave blades. We have a variety of different coulter blades you may choose from.
The Liquid Applicator creates very little soil disturbance. In many cases it is barely noticeable where the unit has run. Notice how little disturbance is visually apparent in the above photo.
Some operators may want to side dress on 60" centers, as seen in the above photo. This is often more than adequate for side dress fertilizer application. Please call us for more information concerning spacing and side dressing. The minimum spacing is 12", unless the toolbar is double rank.