DAWN FurrowTechnik

Mapping, Data Collection & Automated Implement Monitoring.

The DAWN FurrowTechnik Mapping & Control System easily connects to your DAWN implement PDM for power and communication. With it, you may collect data on the activity of any DAWN FX electro-hydraulic tool. You may also view real-time maps of DAWN FX tool activity.

An intuitive app, on your iOS device, connects via WiFi and features maps detailing the performance of your planters automated tools:
  • Applied Planter Down Force
  • Gauge Wheel Load
  • Closing Wheel Applied Pressure
  • Closing Wheel Depth
  • Actual Planter Depth

FurrowTechnik is easy to install.



In addition to your existing iOS device, there are only 3 components you will need for FurrowTechnik control.

Simply plug in, and connect your iOS device to the FurrowTechnik telemetry controller. Once you enter your implement settings, the program requires limited input, and you may change between maps simply by selecting the toolset you would like to see from the menu bar.

The telemetry controller continues to record data, as long as power is supplied.

Log data locally, or send to the cloud.