model 5036



The Reflex has industry-leading speed, and durability.

The DAWN REFLEX Active Suspension System features both Up & Down Force! The bi-directional cylinder allows producers to target gauge wheel loads below the unsprung weight of the planter row unit.

Integral accumulators on both up and down force allow for rapid response, and accuracy while minimizing wear damage on the planter row unit.

The Reflex has very low electric and hydraulic power requirements. This system can be installed on larger planters without additional power generation.

rear view




Integral pressure sensors give precise knowledge of applied pressure, and diagnostic feedback.

In addition, the integral DAWN Reflex microcontroller has built-in additional functionality, so that the system can be expanded to include the NEW DAWN ADC (Active Depth Control) system for planter gauge wheels, the NEW Active Hydraulic Closing Wheel System, The Gfx Hydraulic Floating Row Cleaner, and the Cfx Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener.






Video of First Generation Reflex in the field.


These videos highlight the various elements of the Reflex System.


This video shows the Reflex on a John Deere planter running into cover crops in South Central Tennessee.

Here is another of the Reflex running in Central Texas.