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The Reflex has industry-leading speed, and durability.

The DAWN REFLEX Active Suspension System features both Up & Down Force! The bi-directional cylinder allows producers to target gauge wheel loads below the unsprung weight of the planter row unit.

Integral accumulators on both up and down force allow for rapid response, and accuracy while minimizing wear damage on the planter row unit.

The Reflex has very low electric and hydraulic power requirements. This system can be installed on larger planters without additional power generation.

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Integral pressure sensors give precise knowledge of applied pressure, and diagnostic feedback.

In addition, the integral DAWN Reflex microcontroller has built-in additional functionality, so that the system can be expanded to include the NEW DAWN ADC (Active Depth Control) system for planter gauge wheels, the NEW Active Hydraulic Closing Wheel System, The Gfx Hydraulic Floating Row Cleaner, and the Cfx Hydraulic Fertilizer Opener.






The latest generation Reflex in the field. Planter also equipped with Dawn ADC, ACS, & GFX systems.

The Dawn REFLEX 3 controller is built for multifunction use. The controller has built-in connectivity for the Dawn Active Depth Control (ADC) and Active Closing System (ACS) or other Dawn FX accesories. Each sensor or actuator is connected with a common m-12 style circular connector. This reduces confusion with complicated wiring harnesses, and allows for common parts to be used on all connected auxiliaries.
For 2019/2020 all Dawn REFLEX control and mapping will run through a single wifi based user interface, the Dawn FurrowTechnik. This is the first system in the industry to give you total visibility of all planter adjustments. You can view them in real-time in a row-by-row graph, or view various layers of data using the FurrowTechnik mapping functions. You may also transfer the data log files to your farm management software for later analysis.

The wireless controller has the added convenience of interface mobility. You can carry your connected device around the machine with you to verify the correct field settings and run diagnostic checks.

The performance of the down pressure control system is directly related to the frame weight of the planter. On many planters it may be necessary to add weights at the end of the wings. Whenever possible a hydraulic frame weight transfer system should be specified. The narrower the row spacing, the more critical this will be.

The Reflex system is modular and expandable and gives you the freedom to build up your toolset over time. You might start with the standard row unit down pressure system and add depth control and closing wheel control later. Additional row-by-row control manifolds stack on either side of the main cylinder. All electronic controls for Dawn automated auxiliaries are included in the row unit controller and may be enabled at any time.

Reflex Manual

Technical documentation can be found below: