Firm & Close

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the Dawn Rcx may be used with your existing OEM closing wheels, or may be oufitted with Dawn M-Series Closers

The pneumatic RCX firming wheel seats seed in the bottom of the furrow. It is followed, and closed by a remotely controlled hydraulic closing assembly.


Following the Furrow is Critical

Corners and contours are always a challenge farming row crops. Seed in an open slot will likely mean late germination, if it isn't picked up by birds.

The RCX has 20 degrees of castered travel. It will follow most curves you encounter.



Simple to Install, Easy to Use.

The list price on the NEW RCX Remote Hydraulic Closing Wheel System is $550.00US per row.

Once installed, you use the same simple in-cab control used for nearly a decade with other Dawn X-Series tools