It's the Dawn of a new Era in complete planter control.

The RFX and GFX systems have been designed with the future in mind. These hydraulic systems provide instantaneous and precise control. All of the electrical components have universal DIN connectors. As monitoring technology evolves, the Gfx and Rfx systems have the adaptability to receive on-the-go signals for automatic control.

We strive to provide you with the most flexible system possible. What we are giving you is remote adjustability, coupled with an incredible flexibilty that lets this system evolve with the rapidly changing technology in the precision Ag industry.

Dawn has recently announced a partnership with Ag Leader Technologies, and will be offering a automatic planter down force system for the spring of 2013. Please contact Ag Leader to inquire about this powerful, user-friendly, down-force control system.

We are proud to provide you with high quality, compact hydraulics and electro-mechanical components that let you translate real-time field data into real-time planter control. Ag electronics companies are regularly introducing brilliant new features, now you are able to connect them to the smartest and most rugged planter attachments on the market… Dawn Hydraulic Systems.