G - Series Spoked Gauge Wheels

You shouldn't plant in the mud... however, should the need arise, Dawn now offers gauge wheels designed to run in less than ideal conditions. We currently have two models to choose from.

Model 1900 - G-Series Wide

The 1900 - G-Series Wide wheel is a standard 4.5” width. A direct replacement for standard Deere-type planter gauge wheels.

The Spoked rim design allows soil to flow through wheel in wet conditions. It also greatly simplifies the clearing of debris from between the gauge wheel and the opener blades.

It employs a high quality two-piece pressed steel rim assembly, and high quality SKF bearings.

8 shims are included in kit. Uses OEM bolt to attach.

Model 1901 - G-Series Narrow

The 1901 - G-Series Narrow is similar to 1900, but has a narrow 3.25” design.

This narrow design is great for no tillers and strip tillers even if the mud cleaning qualities are not needed because it allows the planter to more easily seat itself on a cleared path.

In strip till these can be really important because in situations where the profile of the strip has sunk down the planter can be held up by the outside edge of the gauge wheel running on the untilled area.

This will produce a situation where it is difficult to firm the soil against the vee opener disk, and can result in disturbance of the seed placement. In No till situations, especially on 20” rows, these wheels make it much easier to have the gauge wheels running on a cleared path behind the row cleaner.

In general No-Tillers with central fill planters will almost always find improved performance from the narrow gauge wheels.